2003 - 2010 ...about the band members...

In 1993 Floyd (Adrian Paraianu) joined the legendary Romanian punk rock band Haos and had a nation wide success in the underground punk scene with lots of gigs in Romanian clubs and in some countries in the Eastern Europe as well. He also collaborated with bands like Psycho Pampers, Era Ticalosilor, Dian and Stage Dive. Recently, he re-joined his old band mates from Haos for some anniversary concerts in Bratislava and Vienna.

Coco (Corin Maris) started his musical saga in 1992 together with two childhood friends: Bulbuc and Vita, which later on, became the vocals of Implant pentru Refuz. The band was named Psycho Pampers and although it had a short life due to the virtually no experience and no music industry support, it launched many talented musicians for Timisoara's underground pop scene. Later on, Coco joined Era Ticalosilor, one of the pioneers of Romanian hardcore, and played in clubs and festivals across Romania.

The early days in the career of Persona's guitarist - Gaben (Gabriel Cherlia) - can be characterized as a constant search for a musical identity. Gaben's guitar-debut was in the heavy metal band Exil. Afterwards, he joined the metal band Damnat, where he also provided the vocal part (with the highlight opening concert for Anathema (GBR) and Schnitt Acht (USA) in 1994). A short period of rocking and rolling follows alongside Coco and Floyd in Atomic Crunch. After that, Gaben became one of the guitar players in the critically-acclaimed Romanian band Neurotica. One album (bio - 1998 on Universal/Zone Records) and almost 7 years of concerts later (Romania - with the highlight opening concert for Ronnie James Dio, an appearence at Sziget festival and other concerts in Eastern Europe), Neurotica splits.

In 2003, Gaben, Coco and Floyd get back together for a fresh start, and alongside with Catalin Mocan, they form what was to become Persona. It was Catalin who came with the name, being inspired from the late Ingmar Bergman's 1966 movie. The first concerts follow and Persona are quickly labeled as a Britpop band by the local newspapers, although their music is more a mix of musical genres – the musical background and influences of each of the members, refined by the experience and artistic maturity blend together in the persona genre.

In 2006, Catalin leaves the band and became the new front man of the romanian band Kumm. Persona continues as a trio, having several guests for different concerts. In the meantime, they enter the studio and start the recording for their debut album, titled "Suburbia afterlife".

In the spring of 2007, Joy (Cristian Craciun) joins the band on acoustic guitar and keyboards. Joy is involved with music since 1998 - first as one of the original organizers of the Underground Timisoara Festival, then as the guitar player of the very short life dark folk band Jolene - with the highlight concert in Szeged, opening for David Mellor (of Libido Mortido and Sol Invictus) - and more recently as an indie entertainer dj from Timisoara. After finding an personal sound, PERSONA is now ready to tour Romania...